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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Puzzle/Adventure/Survival map of the day

I have played a few puzzle and adventure maps in the last few day. Some were really good and original. My favorite adventure map is the skyblock challenges. You start off in a small island in the sky where theres NO blocks around and you have 1 block of ice, a bucket of lava and a few other items. Your supposed to make a cobblestone generator to get cobblestone and do as many challenges as you can. Far off in the distance probally about 200 blocks away you see a small island of sand a chest and a cactus. You should make a platform below it so when your on the sand it won't fall.To do this use a bucket of lava and pour it off the starting skyblock or on another platform. Wait about a minute then move the lava elsewhere and pour water down on that same spot. This should create lots of cobblestone all the way down to the void. You can then create multiple levels of ground from that. In the chest is some seeds a melon and 10 obsidian blocks. The melon you make into a seed the 10 obsidian you carefully place in a nether portal and to light it  you need to put lava all the way around it and hope that the lava will catch the bottom obsidian on fire.